St. Joseph The Worker School

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Knight Choir & Knight Singers - Information

Choir A (grades 4-8)

Rehearsals every Tuesday from 2:45-3:45pm

Choir B (grades 1-3)

Rehearsals every Thursday from 2:45-3:45pm

Liturgy Band (all grades)

***MUST play an instrument***

Rehearsals every Wednesday from 2:45-3:45pm

Knight Singers (audition only)

Rehearsals when needed.


SJW’s  After School programs: REMINDER TO ALL MEMBERS

It requires the full commitment of every singer as we work together as a team. REMEMBER-  “a choir is as good as its weakest member”

Keep up with TKS news/reminders posted near music room door and near infirmary as well as in the Weekly Bulletin under SJW Music News.



SJW Choir Expectations    

Mission Statement:

At St. Joseph the Worker School, we believe that EVERY child has talent.  It is our commitment to develop every child’s singing voice. We strive to enrich and educate the children through different musical styles of choral music. We instill the values of sharing God’s gift of music within the Catholic liturgy inside and outside of our parish community. We hope to develop these talents through full participation in practices and experiences in order to deepen a music appreciation that can be shared as a school, in each child’s life, and for their future.

Eligibility Requirements for Choir:

1. Student with an “enthusiasm” for singing alone, and with others.

2. Student with passing grades in all subjects.

(Student must have Extra Curricular Activity Form signed by both parent and teacher)

3. Student with good behavior grades.

4. Student shows respect and models leadership at all times in and out of school.

5. Students will tryout for Mr. De Lazaro in order to be considered for

placement in choir A or B.

6. Student shows up for all performances, unless they have a written and signed excuse

by their parent/guardian in advance.

Grounds for Dismissal: Based on

  1.  Principal and Teacher’s discretion
  2. Student is ABSENT for three (3) choir practices.


-If you miss a single rehearsal or know that you will be absent you must immediately notify Mr. De Lazaro

for any missed assignment or makeup. If you do not notify me within the week you will be

marked absent.

-If you are in Sports or other extracurricular activities that conflict with choir rehearsals you will be

marked absent and cannot have a makeup.

-An Excused Absence: Includes medical attention/family issue/a single conflict, AND YOU HAVE

specifically notified me for a way to catch up.

-If you are sick, notify Mr. De Lazaro right away for any missed assignment

-If I do not hear from you after 3 unexcused absences, you will be dismissed from choir

MAKEUPS are NOT Guaranteed and scheduled on the Director’s availability.

-Within the four weeks leading up to

The Christmas Concert/ Talent Show/Special Mass

1. May not have more than 2 unexcused absences before the concert.

2. Student did not attend a scheduled concert.

3. Students behavior is inappropriate during choir practices.

4. Student does not maintain passing grades.

5. Student does not maintain good behavior grades.