St. Joseph The Worker School

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Principal's Message


Our school's motto is Lead – Love - Learn.  We are working on building servant leadership skills within each of our students.  When God puts love and compassion in each of our hearts, He is offering us an opportunity to make a difference in another person’s life.  We must act on the love in our heart, learn from others, and lead as servants of God.  The people we meet each day need what each of us has…and is.  Together, we will do great, awesome, terrific things!


LEAD:  At SJW, our students create, design, implement, and manage their own Campus Clubs.  The teachers empower our students to feel the support to take chances and pursue their dreams.  From the Culinary Club food designers and their yummy dishes, to the Theater Club that leads us in passionate productions, to the O’hana Club and their dedication of honoring those SJW family members that go above and beyond to help others, and of course to the Donation Knights who are servant leaders for others.  These are just some of the student lead clubs that our school uses to enable students to develop into future community leaders.


LOVE: One focus for the upcoming school year is that we want each of our families, not just the students, to grow in his/her love of Jesus, our Catholic faith and each other.  We have amazing, faith-filled students at SJW, and we want their faith to continue to develop and grow.  Our teachers are such remarkable examples of walking like Jesus and living out their faith with love and compassion for all.  


LEARN: This year, we will continue to excel academically.  We want each of our students to feel successful, and sometimes, that success comes from hard work and struggle.  Our STAR test scores last year indicated that all of our students were learning and achieving growth at an impressive rate, and this year, we want to challenge them even more to continue our SGP (Student Growth Percentile) increases.  Our team of teachers is incredible.  We are all dedicated to each of our students’ growth towards excellence!  


Catholic education, especially in these elementary years, has tremendous value in our community.  Our school is developing future leaders who share their love with all people and who will continue to learn and grow.  We have seen our students go on to incredible high schools and fantastic colleges over the last 60 years, knowing that an important foundation was set here at St. Joseph the Worker School.  We will continue to be dedicated to providing that foundation for your child.  


Ms. Stephanie Guilbault