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SJW Dads' Club

St. Joseph the Worker Dads' Club
Mission Statement and Purpose:
The mission of the SJW Dads' Club is to build relationships with our fellow SJW families and to help improve SJW for our children.

We appreciate all the efforts our dads give. The Dads' Club does not have a requirement for how much our dads are involved, because any time spent attending a meeting, helping with the planning of an event, or providing assistance for a project will greatly benefit our children and our school.

Our “dads” are any adult male figure in your student's life.

Our Events/Projects

  • Fix iPad Carts
  • Boosterthon (January 31st)
  • Pancake Breakfast/Open House (January 27th)
  • Monthly Work Parties
  • Basketball Tournament (February 7th - 9th)
  • Softball Game(s)/Tournament (TBD)
  • Bowling Tournament (TBD)
  • Academic Lounge - 8th Grade Legacy Project (TBD)
  • Build Parking Lot Dividers (TBD)
SJW Dads' Club
2019 NCAA Bracket Challenge!!
If you are a fan of filling out your college basketball tournament bracket it’s time to become our MVP! Our SJW Dads' Club is hosting a NCAA Men's Basketball Bracket Challenge for a chance to earn us some cash for our school!   
$20 buy it and our school will use $10 from each entry for new classroom door handles.
1st Place Winner - Half of the all entry fees (minus $20)
2nd place getting their $20 back
Submit your bracket (link below) and entry fee to the school office by MONDAY, March 18th.  Good Luck!