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3 vs 3 Dad’s Club - Knight’s Court Challenge

Take on the “Old Skool” (Dad’s Club Pres Juan Lopez, VP Joseph Ngo and Master at Arms Joe Vasquez) and let’s see those skills!  This is how it works… 



  • $5 per player/session
  • $20 for all 5 Sessions left in 2022 


  • $40 per person x 3 players is $120 per team.


Basketball Play Format - 3 vs 3 Play on Half Court inside the hall/gym (over age of 18 only).



  • If we have 4 teams or less – First to 15 straight up by count of 1 per basket. 2 points for any baskets beyond 3 point line
  • If more than 4 teams – First to 11 with same rules as above to move more on the court


Basic Rules:

  • Take out/Check up: Always at half court no matter where the ball went out.
  • All change-of-possessions need to be cleared outside the 3 point line regardless if it hit rim, backboard or airball. 
  • Any change of possession needs to be cleared or loss of possession incurred.
  • Fouls – No free throws. Take out from Half Court
  • Per Game: Allowed to call 6 per team, 2 for each player
  • No Slam Dunking at all! Light rim touch ok. Need to preserve equipment
  • Before game start: Prayer between teams and introductions


OUR GOAL(S) – Apart from fundraising – To share time to reflect and interact with our St Joseph the Worker community. 

  • The short term plan is to host this event for our St Joseph the Worker Community and grow the even to be a tradition. It can alternate to volleyball days upon request also. 
  • The medium term plan is to get more of the catechism and parish community involved and recruitment. 
  • The long term plan is to expand the event to a 1 day to
  • urnament inviting all of Winnetka sponsored by WNC and CD3. 
    • Inviting all our neighbors to participate and educate in all ways of Christ our Lord and Patron Saint St Joseph. Larger form of recruitment also. 
    • This would be an outdoor event with a couple of food trucks and restaurants from within our St Joseph the Worker Community – Hopia Like It and other suggestions.

First Games - THIS Saturday - 5/21/22  from 3-6pm

What to bring:

  • Sneakers
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Big Smiles Required!!!!


Any questions or suggestions, please the SJW Dad’s Club: